How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

You want to make your bedroom a place of peace and relaxation, but you don’t know-how. The clutter in your room is affecting the energy around it. If there are too many things in it, it can make you feel no peace of mind at all. And that’s not what you need when relaxing after a long day at work or school.

Here are some tips on how to declutter your bedroom. These feng shui bedroom tips will help restore balance and harmony to your life. Making feng shui changes in your bedroom can also lead to romantic relationships since the bedroom is always linked to love. A feng shui bedroom will also leave you with a deep and restorative sleep that you deserve at the end of your day.

Place Your Bed for Good Feng Shui

Place your bed away from the bedroom door and ensure it’s in a commanding position. Your bed should face the door but not directly in line with the door. Your bed should be at a comfortable distance from the door. This will leave you with a good feng shui bedroom. Don’t place your bed facing the bathroom door as the bathroom smell can make you uncomfortable.

It shouldn’t be beside the door, but it should be at a clear view where anyone entering the room can see. You should lift it above the ground to allow energy to freely circulate underneath. You should back it with a supportive and solid headboard while you sleep by placing the headboard against a solid wall. Do not place the headboard against your bedroom walls.

Get a Headboard

A headboard is a very important feature in the feng shui bedroom. It allows you to lean your head, preventing it from falling off the bed even when you are sleeping. A cushion can serve as a substitute, but you should never go for this if your room’s space does not allow it because both serve the same purpose for relaxing support. A headboard also represents stability and support in your life, especially in romantic relationships.

Get a Headboard
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If you do not have a headboard, the energy of stability and support in your feng shui room is gone. You should go for a solid headboard without perforations. Avoid using a headboard of bars, as it can make your partner feel threatened with the setup. Make sure you fasten your bed’s headboard to the wall to prevent it from falling off.

Place your photos or nature scene in the bottom-right part of your feng shui room. This will enhance relationships and attract supporting characters into your home or office, improving career luck. A photo frame with a picture of a successful person that holds similar interests as yours will bring positive energy into your life.

Place water features but avoid placing sharp objects in the bedroom. Oval-shaped elements are ideal in bringing you financial luck. You can also place a small statue of an ox for wealth luck to come to your family. If you have children, make sure that they sleep on the bed’s left side or left corner to help them grow wiser.

Declutter Your Bedroom

It’s very true that clutter anywhere in your home can cause stress, so it’s important to keep your feng shui bedroom clean and neat all the time. Clutter blocks all the positive energy. Clutter also blocks all the glowing vitality and great feelings that come into your room. Also, when you store unwanted items under the bed, you invite more negative energy into your life, which could manifest itself in the form of draining cash.

The clutter will keep on growing if it’s not dealt with immediately, so take time to declutter once in a while. The things you also store underneath affect you when you’re asleep and in a passive state. Whatever you have under your bed can also create subconscious blocks in your thinking.

Clearing clutter from your feng shui bedroom positively impacts the quality of your sleep, mindset, and mood. To have optimal feng shui in your bedroom, you have to take care of clutter such as extra papers and trash. You can take them to another room if you have a sentimental attachment to them. You’ll have a good energy flow after you’ve cleared any clutter from your bedroom.

Get Rid of Some Books in Your Bedroom

Yes, you can love books, but discard them away if you have trouble feeling relaxed in your feng shui bedroom. Make sure there are no books or work-related materials in your bedroom when sleeping. This will allow you to turn off your mind and sleep peacefully. When you decide to read, avoid reading books that can make you have trouble sleeping.

Get Rid of Some Books in Your Bedroom
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Books are good for energy and stimulating minds, and that’s not what you need in your feng shui bedroom, especially when retiring to bed. And if you must read the messages and themes of your books, ask yourself if that’s what you would like to dream. In that case, pay attention to only books that will relate well to your sleep and not cause nightmares.

Books with dark covers can suit the feng shui bedroom since they give off a good impression and emit only positive messages that will help dream. Placing things to read in your bedroom should be approached cautiously, especially within reach. Keep it that way once you find the perfect position where you see your books and feel their effect on your dreams.

In that case, never let your housemate or a guest reader in your bedroom since their presence, and the position of their bodies will affect your sleep. If you have a housemate who needs a reading spot, look for another room to put up a bookcase, so they don’t disturb you with their chosen reading spots.

Consider the Symmetry

For you to arrange your bedroom for feng shui, you need to pay attention to its sense of symmetry. You need to balance everything as this can leave you with a balanced feeling of calming and grounding. For example, not every room in your home should have nightstands, and if there must be, then two nightstands should be enough and not face each other.

Even if you have a mirrored dresser, don’t place two of them side by side as the symmetry will be broken, and it can create chaos in your feng shui bedroom. Two nightstands are good, especially if you’re in a relationship or planning to get a partner. This will make each partner have their own personal space beside their bed. These feng shui changes will help you live a happy life with your partner.

Work with the Right Colors

Select colors that are soothing and attractive as they’re the best colors for a feng shui bedroom. When you’re adding colors to decorate your room, choose colors that bring the type of energy that matches your life intentions. You can begin with neutral colors then add color accents according to your preference, but make the colors match your interior design.

Work with the Right Colors
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If you’re having trouble sleeping or living a fast-paced life, neutral colors or lighter shades are the best options because of their calming nature. And if you’re looking to spice up your current relationship status and live a more vibrant life, go for more vibrant colors. Be sure to pay attention to colors attached to the area of your life that you’re working on. Let the interior designer help you with choosing the right colors for your feng shui bedroom.

For example, if you’re looking for a new love interest, consider adding vibrant romantic colors like red or pink to the areas in your bedroom which are associated with relationships and new beginnings. Add some color to your office, too, so you can become more inspired. As you consider fire colors, also include metal colors for clarity and preciseness. Bring qualities of sharpness, clarity, precision, and efficiency by including a feng shui metal element into your bedroom.

Reduce Electronics in Your Sleeping Room

Electronics, especially at night, are not conducive to a good night’s sleep. So keep your television and other electronics stored away in another room so that you can have a restful night’s sleep. The presence of electronics in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep.

So, if you have trouble getting a good night’s rest, remove all electronic devices from the bedroom to make sure that you are well rested before facing another day. The only way to to keep entertained and engaged without using electronics is to buy an alarm clock and read-only books. This can help you get rid of your phone addiction, which may also help you get better sleep.

If you can’t remove these devices from your feng shui bedroom, make sure they are at least 20 feet away from the bed. This way, the electromagnetic energy (EME) won’t reach you while you sleep, and it won’t disturb your sleep either. Keep electronics like cell phones at the furthest edges of your bedroom.

Figure Out Your Bed Size

Make sure you have a large bed that you can fit in, especially if you’re going to invite your partner. Leave twin beds for kids as they’re not good for an adult who is in a relationship. The twin bed only has a room for one person and not much space to move about. You can’t move your arms and legs when you’re in a twin-sized bed.

 You’ll always have an alternative, king-size bed. This type of bed is too big and can fit you and your partner. However, king-size beds are not the best option for creating connection and harmony between two partners because they require two box spring mattresses which come in two separate pieces and can cost you dearly.

In choosing a bed, make sure it’s the right size to fit you and your partner where you can move around without a problem. A firm mattress with a soft top is excellent because it gives support while giving comfort at the same time. It also gives one room for each person in case something happens while sleeping. Each of you will have equal space when you have this king-size bed unlike sleeping in a twin bed.

Keep Your Work-Life Separate

The bedroom is not the best to double as a home office. Having your office table and work materials next to your bed can make it hard to fall asleep after a long day of work. It can also make it harder to stay focused on work when you are in your bedroom.

If you don’t have a space at home to create a dedicated office apart from your bedroom, then separate it with curtains, a bookshelf, or a folding screen. You can also try to cover your desk before you go to sleep with a beautiful piece of cloth.

On the same note, keep your home gym away from your bedroom. Workout gear brings a lot of active energy, and having them in your bedroom can deprive you of much-needed sleep. The gear can be great in other rooms as well, but not your bedroom. Of course, you want your bedroom to be more yin to help you rest and rejuvenate.

Be Intentional When Choosing Bed Linens

You spend most of the passive hours resting and sleeping in your bed, so figure out what you’re surrounding yourself during that time. Try to choose the color of your bed linens based on what you would like to invite in your life. Also, adding fresh flowers to your bedroom can add a positive vibe.

Make sure they aren’t overwhelming and create a nice calming presence. Keep water flowers fresh, and don’t hesitate to throw them away once they wilt or expire. Additionally, add scented candles to add a relaxing effect. Avoid going overboard, so the atmosphere isn’t too harsh when you rest or sleep in your bed.

Take some spackle time and clean your bedroom regularly. This includes your closets, bathroom, and anywhere else exposed to you when you are in the room. You can smudge your bedroom or diffuse sweet orange oil to uplift for the best feng shui.

Be Selective with Your Art

The artwork in this important room can say a lot about you and affect your personal life as well. If your room is for romance, then save family photos in other rooms and not your bedroom. Do not hang images and objects of single people in your bedroom if you’re single and looking for a partner.

Instead, invite your partner with artwork that represents them. If you are looking for a relationship, save images of the past relationships in your space so they can help improve your luck. Make sure your style and taste come to play by displaying your artwork. Your interior design should reflect who you are. And if you don’t know how to display your artwork, then an interior designer can help you out.

Last but certainly not least, it’s okay to break the rules. When you commit to adjusting to feng shui bedroom rules, especially if you’re new to the field, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Try not to fall into the life force of thinking you’ve got to be perfect. 

Feng shui is about balance and harmony, so if your preferences don’t match up with the rules, take it in stride and don’t force these feng shui bedroom rules. There’s nothing wrong with just making sure that everything is pretty much in order. You can also reach out to a certified feng shui consultant if things are not working your way.

FAQs on How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How can I use feng shui to increase my energy?

If you can visualize, imagining yourself surrounded by positive energy is one thing that will help you recharge your batteries.   This is really about recharging your self-image and sense of optimism.

What is bad feng shui for the bedroom?

When you are in your bedroom, keep away from mirrors. Mirrors create too much yin in the bedroom, which is not good for health and relationships. Also, avoid having windows opposite your bed or headboard.

Final Thought on How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Ultimately, as you can see from the above article, feng shui is about creating a space where your energy and creativity will be stimulated.   When you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning, it should be a place that inspires and energizes you. Consider the above feng shui bedroom tips and enjoy a clutter-free sleeping area.



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