Brenda Gray

Hi I'm Brenda Beattie-Gray,

My passion is sharing my knowledge of how food can be used as medicine for the body.  Healthy Cravings is a Holistic Kitchen that offers a welcoming place to fuel your body, mind and spirit.

From working in the service industry 20+ years I made the decision to create a totally NEW and UNIQUE experience, by caring about every detail of the business.

From how our animals are treated, to where our fruits and vegetables are grown.  The freshness and quality of every ingredient matters to me.

I'm very friendly and happy to share my knowledge with you so that you leave, not just with high-vibration food inside of you, but perhaps with new wisdom and maybe a new perspective on how to be the best you can be.

I offer you food that raises your vibration, which raises the vibration of everything around you.

I believe that education is the way to a healthy planet, a healthy mind and a healthy YOU!